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Looking to improve your telemark skills like never before!

Want to meet with me?

If you are in the Quebec City area and you want to improve like never before, here is your chance.


PRICE (lift tickets not include):

I offer a half day or a full day’s lesson

Half day: 400$ +tx CAD

Extra person: 150$+tx CAD

Full Day: 700 + tx CAD

Extra person: 200$ CAD

Groups are a maximum of 6.

What’s included.

  1. Evaluation of your main flaw. We go over what is killing your telemark skiing, how it’s affecting your skills, balance and end results.
  2. A clear plan for you on how to improve your technique dramatically  This is a step-by-step approach, showing you the exercises to gain the skills and abilities to solve your main flaw.
  3. Full day includes a video session. I will film and analyse your skiing and tell you what you need to do to to improve. This is a great way to get more out of the lesson.

To book a lesson :

Lift tikets are not included

Rene Tele Elle Telemark

I’ve coached hundreds of telemark skiers in the last 20+ years. I can make the difference in your learning curve I guarantee it. If you are not 100% satisfied, I will refund your money.

If it’s not in your budget range or you are not visiting Quebec city, I strongly recommend you to check my tutorial bundle here.


You can contact me at:










I started telemark skiing three years ago. Expert downhill skier, I wanted a new challenge. Self-taught, I’m a fast learner. But I soon realized I would need more to really get going on my tele. I was referred to Rene-Martin by a friend, saying he was the best there is. I didn’t need more convincing to register for a private lesson.

After a few turns, he was already dissecting my technique, analyzing my strengths and some of my bad habits. He proposed a plan for the lesson with a clear goal on what we would work on and the end result expected. He then proposed a series of exercises for each movement I had to deprogram, at the same time as reprogramming the movements he wanted me to adopt.  

I only had 15 days on telemark over the last three seasons when I meet Rene. Two weeks after our lesson, I skied the most difficult run in the area. I went from an apprehensive intermediate to confident in a Olympic run full of moguls. Results: I’m now more powerful, have more control, feel confident and my movements feel more fluid.

Thanks Rene-Martin

Marc Sédillot

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