After many requests, here’s a resource page. A page that covers all Absolute Telemark uses on the field and on the Internet. A page that you can always come to for all of your telemark needs. Bookmark this page as it’s going to be updated regularly.

Disclosure:  Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.  Please understand that I have experience with all of these products/services, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your telemark goals.



BJP_logoAbsolute Telemark incredible photos and videos for our telemark tutorial series is the art of BENJAMIN GAGNON. Benjamin is a renowned photographer with a special talent for outdoor sport. Visit is website and look for his logo


Nittus alias Jérome Casanova is an hard core telemark skier. He’s created the music use in some of our Youtube video and in our tutorial series. see his website at

Marc-Andre Belliveau. Marc-André is a terrific musician. Marc-André’s experience as one of the best skier of his era, bubded with his soft and easy personality are not to be past by. You can buy his music on Itunes here. Marc-André music will be in our Youtube video and our telemark tutorial series.


This is some of the equipment we use on a day to day basis. Please note that I have a sponsorship with Black Diamond Equipment.

Aspect, Black Diamond.  Rocker tip to tradition camber, 90mm underfoot. Used for long tours, working ski patrol, this is my quiver skis, a favorite for years now. I will still be skiing this one for a few years before replacing.

Amperage, Black Diamond. The ski I use the most in powder, all season, all situations. Does everything good and is so much fun.

Carbon Megawatt, Black Diamond. From high alpine in France, to deep pow tree skiing, theses skis are light and fat enough for any powder day. Surprisingly, it doesn’t need lots snow to come alive and it won’t kill you on the way up.


Custom, Black Diamond. You can’t go wrong with stiffness. My boot for the last 4 years. Be careful if you are not a powerful or heavy rider, this boot might be too much.

Push, Black Diamond. For long touring days, not the lightest boot, but still so comfortable and with some real downhill capacities.


O1, Black Diamond.  With midstiff cartridge on all skis. Great powerful binding that have the best free pivot on the market. Hike up and downhill performance in one durable package

Bishop, Bishop Binding company. If you want the burly on piste binding, you gotta try this all metal binding.


Revelation Avalung Backpack. Black Diamond Equipment. Just the best pack out there.  34 L. The real deal about this pack is the ergoActiv waist-belt (uses a ball-joint to attach directly to the frame so it can pivot as you move and angle the weight to your legs). Avalung and well organized.

Telekneesis Kneepad. Black Diamond. A must for any winter sports. I even wear then tobogganing with the kids. It’s not about your “knee can touch your skis” anymore, it’s just about comfort, warmth, an occasional safety.

Any Helmet that fits. I don’t have one particular to recommend, find one that is comfortable and that fits with your goggles. Safety is a concern, but it really is about comfort, no hat can beat a light and well fitted helmet.


Allen & Mike’s Really Cool Telemark Tips. by Allen O’bannon and Mike Clelland. What everyone should read. Best book and fun illustration make it easy to learn stuff. Freeheelers get ready to rip. I love this book.

Free-Heel Skiing by Paul Parker. More technical. This is for the Wis that want more.

Mountaineering Freedom Of the Hills Bible on Mountaineering. An absolute must for ski mountaineering, understanding the mountains.

100 $ Startup, by Chris Guillebeau. The book that really got me into this project. Although I had this in the back of my head, the final push came from this easy to read, super motivating book. Great gift idea.



Snowchasers. Evans Parent, interviewed in our top telemark skier series, has been traveling the world to telemark. Lucky him. See his blog and be amaze by his discoveries, stories and deep snow adventures.

Andreas Fransson. One of the top athlete in ski mountaineering. I love his skiing, his constant approach to safety assessment, and the way he share his adventures.


Free Heel Granola. Cool name, cool Telemark website. Get informed on the latest news and gear and… not much about granola. Great source of information.

Beans and rice. New website created by two of the most dominant big mountain telemark skiers, Jake Sakson and Paul Kimbrough. Follow their adventure and life.




Le Yéti: BesLogo Yéti vintaget Telemark and Alpine Touring shop in the province for sure. We are very confident to recommend this shop for all your telemark needs. Best advice, best selection, best prices.






Chic-Chocs mountain are Eastern Canada’s place for touring. With descent vertical and snowfalls, It’s a big range to explore. The center of interest is the Gaspesie National Park, but the skiable terrain go well over the park’s area.

La Vallée Taconique (cat ski operation) Boarded by the sea, this small valley get dumped with massive snowfall. The 40+ degrees slopes in below tree line are a unique experience. It’s changed ownership in 2014.

 Ski Chic-Chocs (cat ski and touring) The most experience and biggest guided option in the region. This company have access to the beautiful «Mines Madeleines». High alpine and lots of snow is accessed after a 45 minutes catski ride.


Tele Tracks: Tele Tracks provide telemark skiing holidays, courses and lessons with top level coaches in Europe’s finest destinations. Telemark Ski Lessons in the alps !

SnowSpirit: Telemark in Poland with this cool crew (In Polish) The reference for telemark skier in Poland


coski_2013Car Pooling to your ski destination? CoSki is a 100% free tool to ease group travel to ski resorts while saving and thus initiate new followers to alpine sports. You save on gas, you save at participating resort, and you save the environment!




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