5 questions for 5 top telemarkers: Nick Devore

Absolute telemark starts a new series of interview. 5 questions asked to 5 skiers who are influencing telemark in their own way.

Today we start with Nick Devore. He is one of the most influential telemark skier in the last decade. And still he is one of the most easy going, simple, humble person.

1-AT: What place does telemark skiing takes in your life?
ND: Telemark skiing has been my life for the past 10 years. It is what I constantly think and dream about and what shapes other life decisions I make. It is part of my yoga and has taught me so much about life in general. Tele skiing is my art form, my expression, my outlet, my means in which to travel around in and enjoy the mountains and nature.

2-We’ve seen telemark progress more in the last decade, 
Are you surprised and where do you expect it’s doing to go? Are you impressed with the kids talent?
ND: I have realized that telemark skiing is indeed hard and requires devotion to gain proficiency at, thus is has gained popularity with a small and unique type of people. I used to think it was going to become the new rad thing, but have realized that it requires more time and effort to really get the benefits from and people these days want the fast and easy gratification which alpine skiing and especially snowboarding provide. I a impressed with the young talent and expect up and coming tele skiers to continue pushing the boundaries of whats possible. What you put in you get out of something holds especially true to tele skiing. Takes more input and devotion and gives more freedom, fun, and reward.

3-AT: Talking about progression, do you set yourself clear goals or objectives every season? what are they? Or What is your approach to each season ?
ND: Every season I have pretty clear goals and objectives and they are usually the same. I want to progress at throwing tricks and expressing an effortless surfy artistic style. I want to train my body to be strong enough to keep up with what my mind envisions, and I want to train my mind to be calculated and free from fear and doubt. We are only limited by our imaginations. This season, I want to focus more on soul skiing, egoless pow shredding. I am constantly in search of the dream lines, where I can fully express my true essence as an infinite human being telemark skier. I try to take it relatively slow in the early season and build my strength, focus, and motivation for the later parts of the season when the skiing really gets good. Steep Alaska spines is what I dream about.

4- AT: Is there a dream you haven’t achieve on skis yet?
ND: I have realized my ski dreams and from here on out its more of an icing on the top experience for me. Sure I have many more dreams, which are endless and infinite, but I have experienced being truly in the present moment, dancing with mountains and snow crystals and that to me is the point.

5- AT: Telemark is now counting 2 millions adept in the US, why did you get hooked on? How do you think we should promote the sport?
ND: I got hooked on tele skiing because it is simple really fun. It feels good and makes me smile and be content with life. It allows me to explore my self as well as mountains and forests around the world. It is an outlet for me to express my creativity and love. I think the sport should be promoted in a humble and low impact way that is seen more as an artform or meditation than an extreme sport. It is a means to re connect with our earth and her cycles and seasons. Free your heel free your mind!

Here’s a video of Nick

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More info can be found on Nick’s web site at http://nickdevore.com

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