Top 10 best telemark movies ever part 2

Here the second part of my top 10.

See part 1 in the blog section.

4- Steeve crazy. Total telemark4

For top 3 I couldn’t decide particular films. Instead, here are three productions I follow every year.

3- Sweetgrass production. Mix of snowsports including telemark. Made it up there for the outstanding photograghy.



2- Powder Whore production. Mainly telemark, but also ski mountaineering. Probably the most consistent good telemark films year after year.


Television: I didn’t like the story board but the skiing is still great.

Breaking Trail:

1- Josh Madsen Production (Lipstick film, Freehill life, Telemark Skier Magazine) I’m not too sure who’s behind all those movies, but Madsen always seen to be involved… Most progressive telemark movies for sure.


Freeheel, Freerider:

Since last we spoke:

Let’s GO: Looks real good from all the segment I seen so far.

Bonus: out of category but still about the backcountry:

Steep. History of extreme skiing.

In Deep: Jeremy Jones  snowboard mountaineering

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  • Eric

    Cool, ça donne de quoi s’occuper pour cet automne en attendant la poudre…