014: Interview with Black Diamond’s staff, the death of the Telemark Boot line up?


Black Diamond R&D guru Doug Heinreich and ski product director Ryan Guess talk about the future of telemark equipment as well as their passion of the mountains. Get to know the behind the scene of the makers of great product like Doug and Ryan, their chalenges and reality.

Although Black Diamond confirms the end of the production of Telemark Boots as reported by Craig Dostie on his blog, Doug opens the doors to new possibilities

Let’s hear about the great story of those two passionate mountain enthusiast in the latest of the Absolute Telemark Tips Podcast.

Links in this Episode


Alex Lowe wiki

Scarpa Terminator

BD Tele Sauvage

Voile CBR

Spaderman binding

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  • Gravnetic

    Nice 30 minutes in finally coming clean…it was eluded to in the first 30 seconds. Telemark is ultimately going to be a style choice. It isn’t the most efficient choice anymore.

    • CK

      Isn’t all snow sliding ultimately about style anyway? I think recreational skiing to most people has more in common with dancing than say… running

      • Gravnetic

        YEP, you have to admit that there were a ton of Telemark skiers that were ‘into’ it because they felt it was the way to be seen as a back country skier. I love telemak skiing, it’s just a fun way to make a turn. It takes a ton of strength to have a really solid turn.

  • Rogerdandy

    Really liking these podcasts. It’s really great to have people sharing their passion for Telemark Skiing. I really like questions you ask Rene-Martin. Your interview style is really relaxed and you really let the guests do the talking. Great stuff. Keep it up!