021 – Chris Valiante from 22 Designs and the new Outlaw Telemark binding


Building a new NTN binding is a mission 22 Designs set out to do.

The Outlaw, most anticipated binding from the small Idaho company is sure to make some noise.

I had wanted to talk to Chris for a long time. This true step in, simple and though binding have received great critiques and 22 Designs has managed to keep the weight down.

Let’s hear more about this well established Binding company run by Chris and his partner Collins Pringle.

Show Notes for this episode:

the Outlaw and 22 designs Website

Telemark skier Chris is looking up: Paul Kimbrough

Rainey Superloop binding (note from earnyourturns.com)

In 2005, 22 Designs purchased Rainey Designs and continued producing the binding with very minor adjustments to the binding through 2012. They created a free-pivoting version of Hammerhead called Axl that maintained the same underfoot cable routing with easier to adjust power pivot points. The spring system was different than Hammerhead and in an effort to streamline sourcing costs the Vice telemark binding was created, effectively ending production of Hammerhead. It is one of the few, true, legendary telemark binding designs that had an effect on nearly every telemark binding design since its inception although its inventor, Russell Rainey, would be quick to point out even Hammerhead borrowed from other, less successful designs (the Pitbull), only with a better execution.



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  • Mike Kavanaugh

    Rene-Martin, two weeks later this podcast has still not appeared in iTunes — you may want to check your servers. I’m looking forward to this podcast!

    • Rene-Martin

      Humm, you can listen on it on this page. I’ll check in with iTunes why it hasn’t been published on their platform.

      • Rene-Martin

        It’s there but for a reason I’m not sure, it’s at the bottom of all the podcasts instead of at the top.

      • Mike Kavanaugh

        Thanks Rene, I listed to it here and it was great, as usual!

  • Nadim Siddiqui

    Rene, what a cool podcast with Chris from 22 Designs about the Outlaw. So grateful that you are keeping us updated with developments. Here in UK info is sparse, and Telemark is a bit static or contracting according to my retailer friends. So new developments hopefully help generate interest. 8 years ago I was one of first to use NTN iny club (Manchester Cross Country Ski Club-largest Telemark club in UK)-now 90% are on them (not because of me!). I have been looking at Meidjo, but am tempted by durability and potential feel of the Outlaw. Question for you Rene- what is now your weapon of choice- M2, Rottefella or Outlaw?

    • Rene-Martin

      Meidjo 2.0 and Outlaw. I’m not an NTN fan because it tours so poorly.
      I have to say that the Outlaw is a great binding that delivers. I’ll do a review this season. But again, the Meidjo gives me a lot of advantages that no other binding can. If you are touring a lot Meidjo without a doudt. For mostly inbound, the outlaw is everything the NTN is with best step in and same kind ofPOWER as AXL and tours great.

      So this year, I’ll have one pair on Meidjo for touring and guiding and one pair of Outlaw on my on-piste skis.