Elle Telemark, Girl ripping on Tele and A Milestone for This Blog

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An Anniversary

Last year, at a certain point, I was wondering about the impact of this blog and how I could do better.

I set myself three goals with one of them having more people to start Telemark…

Une partie de la gang

Une partie de la gang

In it’s second year, the Elle Telemark is about the go live.

This year again, it’s Maryse Paquette, a good friend of mine and a true telemark passionate reached out to organized the event.  She also happens to be an ambassador for Oakley Active. Great stuff!

Just to give you an example, last week she organized a White Lips event where she got 60 gals introduced to the Backcountry on alpine, telemark and split board.

So this year again, she organizes every details of Elle Telemark (literally She Telemark) . Once again, it should be a blast.

Great Partners Makes The Difference

With incredible partners like Black Diamond EquipmentLeYéti.com who helps a lot with the rental equipment, Mont Sainte-Anne who is the perfect place for this event and who came back this year really wanting this event to grow… WOW. and it has. We have doubled the number of subscriptions to 40.

It’s a small drop in an ocean of skiers and boarders and it’s nothing like the impact of Dickie Hall with NATO but the goal here is just to have a statement. Telemark has a great image and a lot of people are just waiting for an opportunity to try.

The Next Step

Here and now, I will make a statement. My next goal is going to organise a Kids Telemark event. I’m not sure when, I have no idea how, but it will be my next goal. (maybe I can get Maryse to help me!)

Telemark is the best feeling. There is no reason not to believe it’s going to KEEP growing in the future years



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