Telemark FLAW #1


Hello Telemark enthusiast,

The Telemark Foundation subscription are well under way. TODAY is your last chance to get in the most complete telemark tutorial program ever presented on the WEB

The Foundation is built around the 7 FLAWS that are killling your telemark technique
Let’s see what is Flaw #1
Don’t forget that you have until TODAY 11:59 PM to subscribe

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When asked what the Foundation could help solve, here are some ideas  some of you shared:

«I had the most problem with equal weighting – getting enough weight onto the inside ski. This issue always resurfaces when I start to get tired, and I can see/feel my inside ski flapping about. I now know that when I feel this instability on the inside, I need to focus on pressing on that little toe but it took me a long time to work this out. The second biggest issue I had was ‘poodling’ – all the pictures from my first winter show a 3′ gap between my feet – seeing pictures and videos of myself helped fix that one.»

The Telemark Foundation will reveal the 7 flaws that is killing your telemark technique. Improving only one of these flaws will improve dramatically your telemark technique, guaranteed.

It is the first time that I will reveal those flaws, as it’s always been kind of my little secret. I use it to analyze  what people need to improve. I’ve been successfully using this approach for 15 years now.

There is actually nothing like this on the web right now.

«Fear of change is probably the biggest challenge for most people. Not for me though, I embraced telemark fully and learned quickly. Now my biggest fear is being able to make quality, in control turns when the terrain is steep and narrow and conditions are tricky.»

Spots are limited

Because of the personalize approach, their is ONLY 20 open spots. The Telemark Foundation is now closed

This first version of the Foundation is going to be unique. As Founding members you will get more for your money than we will ever give,  promise.


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  • Chris Crowley

    How about that tele-fest at Mad River Glen? What a great gathering for the sport. Lots of great skiers to watch.

    • Rene-Martin

      it was just awesome.

      First the mountain and then, more than anything, the VIBE. I will write a blog post on the trip


  • Al

    Thanks for this first flaw, really useful!

    I’m fairly new to tele and didn’t realise I was doing it until I watched the video and thought about it, looking forward to the future flaws.

    Good luck with the telemark foundation, looks like an interesting project.