I NEED YOUR ADVICE (please :-)

photo enfant en ski pour I need your help

So I got up really early this morning.
Actually, I couldn’t really sleep after one of our daughters came around at three Am. After half an hour of turning around in bed, I just couldn’t wait anymore.
I had to write to you about this “something” (more on this in a second).

I have a passion in life outside telemark skiing and the community of great people I meet all the time, it’s my family. Even if our three kids are my girlfriends (I’m not the dad), I have been around them long enough now that I really consider them to be my family. Our oldest son is missing on the picture.  So really, the best moments in my life is going skiing on weekends with them.


I started creating this “something” I talked to you about.

But then, I was really wondering if this would interest anybody but me.


If you support the spirit of this blog and have gained anything from my writing and videos…
…them I’d really appreciate you giving me an opinion on something.

It will take less then 3 minutes.
The first question is: “What free product would you LOVE for me to create *just* for

Because I know your time is precious and because I really want a lot of people to participate, I will give away a pair of Black Diamond Dirt Bag gloves. If you follow my newsletter, you know just how much I love these. Simply answer these questions and I will pick the best answer to win the gloves. You have until  Saturday midnight to answer. Winner will be announced on Monday.

Anyway, if you wax these questions then Ullr, the gods of snow, will shower benevolence upon you for all eternity.

>> Answer the Three Questions here <<

Thanks a ton. I’m so grateful.

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