5 questions for 5 top telemarkers: Paul Kimbrough

This week, Absolute Telemark is really proud to present an interview with Paul Kimbrough who is considered by many as THE top big mountain telemarker of today. Whatever, one thing is sure: Paul is passionate about telemark and didn’t hesitate to answer our questions.

1-AT: What place does telemark skiing takes in your life?

PK: Skiing takes a big role in my life, I work hard all summer to save money so I can ski all winter without working. It requires sacrifice, but it is worth it.

2-We’ve seen telemark progress more in the last decade, are you surprised and where do you expect it’s going? Are you impressed with the kids’ talent?

PK: I’m not surprised by the progression, it is only natural and it will continue as the next generation takes the torch. I see freeheel skiing following alpine freeskiing, i.e. more newschool tricks carried over to big mountain freeskiing. New tele equipment will become lighter and bring more interest in the sport in the next 5-10 years. The kids are killing it! The junior showing at the big mtn. comps is inspiring me more than anything.

3-AT: Talking about progression, do you set yourself clear goals or objectives every season? What are they? Or what is your approach to each season?

PK: My only clear goal is to ski as much as possible. The more I ski the better I ski. I do try to improve certain aspects of my skiing over the season, for example I’ve been working on my unnatural (right side) 360s, but not as clear goals.

4- AT: Is there a dream you haven’t achieve on skis yet?

PK: I would love to produce a segment that depicts the well rounded aspects of my skiing. I’m also working on my coaching skills because I want to directly influence the next generation through telemark camps.

5- AT: Telemark is now counting 2 millions adepts in the US, why did you get hooked on? How do you think we should promote the sport?

PK: I got hooked because freeheel skiing is more dynamic than fixed heel and because there is no better way to explore the backcountry. The best way to promote freeheel is to make it look fun. That’s what it’s all about anyway, right?

Paul just released his website, make sure you check him out at: http://beansandricefreeride.com/

See him ski here:



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