Selling used gear

Hey Guys,


I’m selling a few items. All used.

RMT00311 RMT00313











350$ CAD 185cm Skis with 2 years of use.

Have been collecting dust for the last 2 years.

Have been drilled another time with Outlaws.

The base is clean but dry.

A wax will erase all scratches visible on the picture Binding is in good working condition I will repair the second binding cable as I have all the pieces.

These skis have plenty of life left in them.

























1000$ CAD obo

175cm. The Ultimate telemark setup for backcountry.
With the Alpine Heelset to have lock the heel in alpine.
Best setup I’ve ever had. Bare none.
The skis are worth $1000 USD
Fix worth $600 USD
Alpine heelset worth $250 USD
The skis are in fair condition. Some plastic came off the topsheet. Base have some scuffs but nothing major. Edges are clean.
Overall some good life left in them.
The binding have a factory defect. I haded duct tape (see photo) for the walk mode to really stay in place. Also the Heelset are missing small metal part at the back to put the binding in alpine mode. You don’t need this, has you can easily active the alpine mode with a light pole tap.
This is not for beginners. Skis are just phenomenal in my mind. Binding tour like no other, the addition of the heelset have been a great addition






Contact me via facebook if interested. You pay for shipping. Selling in North America only.



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