Telemark Movies 2014

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This is the time of the year.

Snow is upon us  and we like to get pumped for the season

Telemark is a small community. But we are tighly bounded and we  to stick by each other. That’s how these incredible independent movies come to life. Please support your community and buy the movies

Here are favorite action movies…

The VI Group

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This film is produces by the VI group and is partnered with Telemark Skier Magazine. The skills and quality of the shoot f this movie makes it a must see for fall 2013. Above that, the spirit of freeheel skiing is expressed like nowhere else

See their website here:





This is a well respected ski film company. Through the years, they have produced some amazing telemark segment and this year is no exception. With segments from Jake Sakson and Paul Kimbrought, two of the best Freeriders in the world, this film is a must see. Note that this film as ski and snowboard scene as well as telemark. It’s all about the backcountry.



I can’t wait to see a french production made by the Telemarcoeur Crew.

This is the preview




If you have seen one of these videos, what is your favorite segment?



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