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credit: Alain Blanchette
photo credit: Alain Blanchette

Wow, This is great. I have had SO many great answers.

Your message has been heard. The responses have not only been really abundant, they were well thought.

And we have a winner for the Black Diamond Dirt Bag Gloves,but first, let me tell you about my weekend I’m back from a great weekend of skiing.

Our home mountain, Le Massif, had great snow and it was only my boy and my girl friend as the girls where at their winter scout camp. For those of you wondering, the kids are not on tele gear. I was asked why this weekend. For my girl friend and I, the goal is to have a great winter outdoor activity that we can all enjoy. Ski, telemark or snowboard, but be outside and enjoy it. That’ll do it for now :)


After going through your answer, I understand that the most painful, frustrating part of your telemark skiing are:

  • the challenge of some expert terrain like moguls, Powder and Tree Skiing, steep skiing, carving…
  • the difficulty of having advices about your technique, correcting your bad habits
  • learn telemark in a safe environment
  • having the time and money to go to festivals and events
  • making the best of your day out on the mountains, focusing on fun and not on technique

Am I right?

The challenge of creating a tool to really help the community remains but it confirms my idea. This is going to be a great project. I can’t tell you all about it right now, but I can tell you that I have to check with my Videographer Bejamin Gagnon if it’s at all feasible.

What if I told you that I will create something that solves your greatest pain, just for you. What if this this something contained exactly one of the key to improve your telemark skills dramatically. In fact, it will be adapted especially for you.

I’m really forward to making this for you, but only if this is exactly what you NEED. Anyway, If I spend 3-4  days making this and you don’t want this, then I’m going to feel like an total idiot So here’s what I’m going to do: If you feel like the idea of the video I’m making is what you want, but most importantly need.

click below and subscibre

[ois skin=”presell”]

Also, in the comments below, be sure to let me know WHY and HOW this information will help you out. If enough people want it… then I will create it. If this is not what you want, tell me what you would need.

Thank you so much, This is so exiting


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