My project revealed

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Finally, I’m ready to announce my project I have been talking about for like two weeks now.
And I’m telling you I’m going all out.
If you have been reading this newsletter, you know that it all started by a little disappointment from my part. I want absolute telemark to have a greater impact…

I though of organizing a telemark festival, but it would only affect the people around Quebec (I will still do that but that’s another story)

I thought of organizing a day of clinics, to introduce women to telemark. Same problem (I will also do it anyways… :)

And then it kind of came with your input. We need to go to a hole new level…

The project is going a personalize program:

The Telemark Foundation

The Telemark Foundation will reveal the 7 flaws that is killing your telemark technique. Improving only one of these flaws will improve dramatically your telemark technique, guaranteed.

It is the first time that I will reveal those flaws, as it’s always been kind of my little secret. I use it to analyze  what people need to improve. This is no , I’ve been successfully using this approach for 15 years now.

There is actually nothing like this on the web right now.

I told you I would make a free product just for you so I will reveal the first flaw for free
To be honest with you, when I said that, I never though I would make this program. But a promise is a promise.


  • This program will be over 5 weeks.
  • I will disclosure the 7 flaws and tell you what is your main flaw
  • I will not only tell you what your main flaw, but I will accompanied you through out the way with exercise for you. I will provide detailed tutorials just for you what ever your level, to solve at least one of your flaws.
  • I will answer two of your questions through high quality videos just for you.
  • I will finally ask you to film yourself telemark skiing, analyze your technique and provide personalize exercises that will really make the difference.
  • I will give you a personalize email and a phone number so that you can reach me almost every hour of the day


  • You will get every tutorials we have ever made.
  • I will give you a step by step check list of the exercises and abilities you need to practice
  • And some surprises

What will the program cost:

  • It’s going to cost 97$.
  • As I said, I’m going all out. Considering that I charge 100$ for a one hour of private lessons , I think it’s a pretty good deal.
  • You have to know that this first group will be founding members. This will be a first for me. I’m really motivated to create something for real people that i can interact with.
  • This is going to be a one time founding group. It will never be repeated, especially for this price.

Spots are opening Next Monday.

Because of the personalize approach, there is a very limited number of places available.

Early Birds: If you want to reserve your spot, you can email me at

Until then, we are expecting a big snowstorm, so I’ll be gone skiing.
Can’t wait for Monday…


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