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Telemark creates a community and backcountry is a place where time and space are different. People are different. Hiking for your turns, on a good powder day, you hear it all over.

On a good crew, you’ll hear all sorts of them. We all get incredible feelings from the face shoots, nice flow on long arc turns, a clean line with a few hits. Seeing your friends ski and getting good snow, we all cheer once in a while. Or more.

What is your backcountry cheers.

Are you a loud backcountry lad?

My favorite basic sounds are: Youp youp youp. Whiiiiiiiii. Yeah wouhou yeah wouhou. But you also get full on cheer like a buddy of mine yells stuff like: Awesome, Get some cheese! Solid! MASSIVE! My favorite all time is a friend of mine going:

To all the friends in the backcountry; HIIIIII HAAAAAAAA

You can have some folk signing. From Divas like Celine Dion to Austrian yodeling (special greetings to Pierrot Lortie who can really sign all the Yodeling in the repertoire) to the latest music hits from your favorite ski movie and so on.

But Backcountry is different for many other things. First you choose your partners, at least you should. Having your life in the hands on your ski buddies creates a relationship you don’t have on a normal pow day at the resort. You have to trust your partners abilities and their decision making. Backcountry is unsafe, unsure, unreliable, you can get skunked or get lost.

You hope for the best, you go out with your friends. My personal add on is Limoncello.This soft lemon liqueur is best serve cold. It’s like a lemon Porto, rich and smooth that drip slowly in your mouth. I make my own, witch is really not complicated.
limoncello 400x266

My recipe is secret but here’s a good one here.

I also crave Genepy, but can’t make it here in Canada as the herbs needed is only found in the Alps. It’s not about alcohol, it’s really about having something special to share with my buddies. It can obviously be a special type of food (yeah, I know granola), it doesn’t really matter, as long as you can share it.

What is favorite Backcountry special drink/food ?

Backcountry is the root of telemark. That’s where it really happens for me, the energy, the vibe, the moment. Take care of the places you go, cherish the moments your out there, and make it a moment to remember with your friends. Because after all, that’s all that’s left when you come back, memories to tell.

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  • KRad

    My favourite is a beer after the day is done. Hot tea, Bengal Spice, for the ski day!